DC Comics Legends of Tomorrow Secrets: “Blood Ties”


Staff of Horus

Yep. That staff we see Savage use to fend off Rip during his first assassination attempt is the Staff of Horus, which was previously in the Arrow/Flash crossover.

Batman V Superman

Men of Steel and Dark Knights

Rip tells the team that he’s seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall. Well, it sounds as if Rip has, during his lifetime, seen the death of Superman and Batman. That, in turn, implies that Superman and Batman could exist in Rip’s timeline.

What they said on the Titanic

Martin Stein tells Ray Palmer that a fragment of the knife in Kendra’s bloodstream is the size of an iceberg. I doubt you can miss it. Ray responds with “I bet that’s what they said on the Titanic.” This is the most recent crack about the Titanic, and of course, Broadway legend Victor Garber (Dr. Stein) appeared in the movie Titanic.


Sara’s Resurrection

Legends didn’t get into too much detail with John Constantine but what he did for Sara makes her more functional than Thea, and anyone who’s watching this show without watching Arrow knows that Sara hails from Star City and she did make her debut in Arrow. Here’s a quick refresher for folks who didn’t watch Arrow last season.

In the season three premiere, Sara was murdered by Thea (while Thea was under mind control). A year later, Thea and Sara’s sister Laurel bring Sara back to life via the Lazarus Pit but she didn’t come back a full person. John Constantine had to come in and retrieve Sara’s soul.

The Lazarus Pit, which belongs to Ra’s al Ghul in the comics, is a fountain of youth of sorts. It offers Ghul immortality and heals his wounds. While you can bring people back from the dead, it’s not a good idea, since the resurrection can make someone unstable and dangerous. Both Sara and Thea from Arrow are dealing with that repercussion.

Jean Loring

Anna Loring

In the comics, Ray Palmer married Jean Loring, but in Legends Ray revealed his dead fiancée was named Anna Loring and that she died during Deathstroke’s siege on Starling City. There might be a reason for the name change. Jean Loring, pictured above, appeared on Arrow and she had a daughter named Anna. It looks like Arrow and Legends thought Jean was a little old for the hot shot scientist.

Captain Atom

The Atom Logo

The “atom” logo on Ray’s super suit looks familiar but it’s not from the Atom. It looks more like the Captain Atom logo from the 1980s. Captain Atom hasn’t shown up in the DC TV Universe, but he shares a lot of supporting cast and villains with Firestorm, and those folks have made plenty of appearances.

Crime Bible

Religion of Crime

Vandal Savage told Rip that “Money isn’t power; belief is.” Savage has ties to the Religion of Crime which believes in what you think they would; they worship crime. But in the comics the Religion of Crime is a big fan of Vandal’s but not as the priest who killed Khufu and Shay-ara, but as Cain, the Bible’s first murderer.

Booster Gold The Killing Joke

Fixed Time

Snart tried to stop his father from going to jail for stealing an emerald. All he ended up doing was place the gem in his father’s hands before an undercover cop arrested him for trying to fence the stolen emerald. Snart’s father gets the same amount of time in the same prison, so things will turn out the same way.

Time was fixed around that point. In Booster Gold (vol. 2) #5, the titular Gold goes back in time to save Barbara Gordon from becoming paralyzed, as a result of the events that occurred in The Killing Joke. Booster treated this mission as a dry run before he went on another mission to save Ted Kord (Blue Beetle) from being murdered.

The dry run was Rip Hunter’s idea because he wanted to prove a point: time doesn’t want to be changed. If that sounds familiar, it should. Rip said the same thing to the Legends last week. The bigger the change, the harder it is to alter the past, and in the case of Booster trying to prevent Barbara Gordon from being paralyzed, he attempted to save her repeatedly and all he was able to do was alter the course of events that led to her paralysis at the hands of The Joker.

Those are all the secrets we have for Legends of Tomorrow. If you missed our review of “Blood Ties,” here’s a link. Thanks for reading.

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