Constantine Secrets: February 2, 2015


Welcome back, Ritchie

If Ritchie looked familiar, he should. Jeremy Davies reprises his role as the hapless professor. He was in Constantine’s pilot. He’s also one of John’s Newcastle Crew, and that means that he was there for the loss of Astra’s soul. Perhaps that’s why he pops pills.

We get to know Ritchie a little better in this episode. John respects him because Ritchie may be as good a magician as John, but he specializes in quantum magic. This episode shows Ritchie doing his thing as he reshaped the alternate dimension in a blink of an eye. We’ll have to see if he meets a nasty end like he does in Hellblazer.

Who’s that man in the mirror there?

Gary Lester makes another appearance in this episode—sort of. He’s another member of John’s Newcastle Crew and the architect behind John’s headquarters. We catch a glimpse of him drinking at the beginning and end of this episode. Unfortunately, the mirror we see him in sees the past and Gary’s no longer with us.

Ivy League or Ivy University?

The pilot introduced Ritchie as an Ivy University professor, and this episode showed him at a podium with an Ivy University seal. But did you know that the Ivy University exists in the DC Comics Universe? Ray Palmer (yes, the same Palmer/Atom played by Brandon Routh in Arrow) is another professor at Ivy University.


Bradstreet Hall

You might have noticed a sign that read Bradstreet Hall on an Ivy University class building, while Ritchie and John discuss their course of actions. The name Bradstreet should sound familiar to Hellblazer fans. He drew several iconic Hellblazer covers over the years. Check out one of his covers above.

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