Constantine Secrets: January 26, 2015


Who says 42 is the answer to everything?

Chas obtains his 47 lives as a result of a drunk John Constantine casting a protection spell made famous by Merlin himself. The spell in question makes the recipient invulnerable and the target of the spell absorbs the soul of anyone who dies around them during a 24-hour period. Unfortunately, Chas is present during a club fire and 47 people die. Now, he has 47 lives, and Chas plans to make the most of these lives in order to honor the people who died that gave him his pseudo-immortality.


Who is Lillian Axe?

Lillian Axe takes the stage at the club that caught on fire two years ago, and they are a real hard rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana. John has roots in NOLA, so the inclusion of a local band makes perfect sense.

Chas and Rene sitting in a tree

Like the TV show, this power couple doesn’t make it in the comic either, but there may be other forces at play. The demon Nergal temporarily possesses Chas, but even though the demon gets exorcized, shards of the demon remain in Chas and this alienates the two lovers.

The Fennel of Love?

Yes, John Constantine has a medium friend named Fennel in the comics. Medium doesn’t denote size or extent; it means someone who can communicate with the spirit world. Fennel appears briefly in this episode and unwittingly acts as a conduit for evil.


Felix Faust, we hardly knew ye. Actually, we do know you.

Felix Faust has appeared in DC Comics since Justice League of America #10 in March of 1962. He’s sold his soul countless times and has played roles in Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, and has even signed up for the Secret Society of Super Villains.


What’s a Karabasan?

We get close and personal with a monster drawn from Middle Eastern lore, the Karabasan. It’s known as the Sleep Demon, so it makes sense that it stalks the victims of Faust’s coma spell.

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