Catch Phrase: Week of October 27, 2014

We’re running out of catch phrases for this month, so we thought we’d take you back to 1966 and the Adam West/Burt Ward Batman movie. 1966’s Batman had a lot of memorable lines, but you have to love Robin’s Holy Fill-in-the-Blank lines. We compiled a list of these Robin lines. Some of these are lines Robin said in the movie. Some of these aren’t. Can you guess which ones are real?


1) Holy horseshoe.
2) Holy Long John Silver.
3) Holy marathon. I’m getting a stitch, Batman.
4) Holy sardine.
5) Holy heart failure, Batman.
6) Holy Houdini.
7) Holy Polaris, Batman.
8) Holy costume party.
9) Holy nightmare.
10) Wow! Holy bikini.
11) Holy jumble.