Bob’s Burgers: “The Grand Mama-Pest Hotel”


Season’s Thoughts

I said last week that I’m ready for a Tina episode and I got one this week. Well, a Tina and Linda episode. “The Grand Mama-Pest Hotel” delivers great character building.

Tina and Linda don’t spend a lot of time together in most Bob’s Burgers episodes. It was enjoyable to see the two of them bond this week after Linda embarrasses her daughter on more than one occasion. Watching Linda go to great lengths to get Tina to spend time with her shows how afraid she is of causing a rift in their relationship.

Louise and Gene throwing Bob a bachelor party was funny. I liked watching the kids and Teddy jam out in the living room while Bob sat on the couch. Watch your apple juice intake.

For the past few weeks, Bob Belcher has been the main character in the side stories. I like seeing the show take its time developing the other characters and am looking forward to future episodes.

Kyle’s Take

I’m not the biggest Linda fan. There were plenty of cringe-worthy moments but those are the moments Linda excels and at least she’s thinking of her daughter growing up and distant, and not of herself. So, I can soldier through Linda dressing in a bikini shirt and pink camo bandana to sneak into a hotel. I can also forgive her for pulling idiotic pranks to be the “cool mom.” For once, Linda’s relatable while she goes full Linda.

Bob’s Burgers has mined Tina growing up a few times, leaving her parents behind, so “The Grand Mama-Pest Hotel” didn’t cover new ground. Still, I like it when the show roots its episode in the characters and this week did that. It’s a solid episode in a good season. I’m okay with Bob taking center stage for side stories, especially if we’re treated to Gene dancing with underwear on his head. We need more apple juice benders.

There were a few cameos, like Mr. Frond, Dillon (Linda’s new friend her age), and Dillon’s mother. Frond was little more than a prop but Dillon and her mother illustrated Linda’s fear. Bob’s Burgers fans should know Tina would never shun her mother, no matter how ridiculous she gets, but Dillon and her mother made Linda’s fear believable, even if it was only for ten minutes. Come on, it’s Tina.

Thanks for reading.

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