Blindspot Review: “Authentic Flirt”


Kyle’s Review

“Authentic Flirt” didn’t have as strong of a tattoo puzzle this week—the FBI’s big computer did most of the work—but Weller and Jane infiltrating a snot-nosed millionaire cyber-monster made up for that small shortcoming. Don’t look now, but Weller and Jane may have some onscreen chemistry; that was great to see. I liked how they played off each other and how they weaseled their way into the weekly villain’s trust. But Weller and Jane weren’t the only ones acting super spy. We saw plenty of espionage on this week’s Blindspot. Heck, David (Patterson’s ex) gets in on the action. Like usual I won’t say what happened and spoil the show, but David’s arc wraps up in an interesting–if not a little predictable–way and could lead to future complications.

Agent Carter—no relation to Marvel’s Agent Carter—tightens his screws on Zapata. Carter paid Zapata’s gambling debts a few weeks ago and we see how he wants her to repay him: spy on Jane. This thread took a while to set up but it’s humming right now. But the big draw this week was, the aforementioned cyber terrorist. No, his mom didn’t give him the name and I like the moment when Zapata refers to Rich by his given name and before Reade could correct her (by insisting it’s .com), she said she wasn’t calling him that, but delivers plenty of levity to a show that often has none. I’m not saying Blindspot could use a Cisco—or maybe I am—but a few jokes time and again couldn’t hurt.

“Authentic Flirt” also ended with a few major happenings. I’d cover them in more detail but that would spoil the episode. Let’s just say that Jane and her team won’t be the same after “Authentic Flirt,” and that’s fantastic. Blindspot has leaned on slick visuals since its pilot but it looks like the story and characters are catching up and that has me excited.

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