Arrow Secrets: March 26, 2015


Who was that heartless politician?

Arrow introduced Senator Joseph Cray who first appeared in 1988’s Suicide Squad Vol. 1 #11. This power-mad politician has used the Suicide Squad to unwittingly help him in his ambitions, so it’s no surprise that he used the squad here.

But I wonder how much he had to pay those civilians to not talk. I see future payments in his future.

Extra note: Joseph Cray had a son named Adam, who briefly served as The Atom. Coincidence?

News 52

The classic news report returns in this episode. It pays homage to DC’s the New 52 and it’s been on Arrow off and on all three seasons.



Not only did Cupid return this episode, she took the place of Harley Quinn. In the Suicide Squad comics, Harley crushes on Deadshot, but Deadshot doesn’t share her feelings. Sound familiar? Yeah, it should.

So Arrow teases us with Harley Quinn and then borrows a page from her book for Cupid. I’m thinking this has something to do with the “Don’t mention mister pointy ears” agreement they have.


Meltzer Power Plant

That would be a reference to American political thriller novelist and comic book writer, Brad Meltzer. Meltzer wrote for Green Arrow in the early 2000s and then switched to the Justice League of America.


Lyla’s Friend Rick

Diggle mentioned one of Lyla’s friends in passing. It might be a coincidence that her friend’s name is Rick, but Lyla works with the Suicide Squad and so does Rick Flag.

Suicide Squad on Hiatus

With the motion picture in the offing, Arrow might be planning to put the Suicide Squad on ice for a while. Deadshot died—but do comic book characters stay dead? Diggle and Lyla cut ties with their employers—yeah, right. But we have a lot of unresolved plotlines.

Did I just hear Deadshot mention HIVE? Yeah, he did. That’s another huge and mysterious organization. Who knows? The Diggles might start their own group.

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