Arrow Secrets: “Code of Silence”

Demolition Team

Demolition Team

The Demolition Team is a minor DC Comics supervillain team who first appeared in a Len Wein/Dave Gibbons issue of Green Lantern. These guys are goofballs. They’re a group of villains who all have construction-themed names, costumes, and powers, and Arrow did a decent job of making them look less ridiculous.

Marc Trottier portrayed Hardhat, Rachel Luttrell (Stargate: Atlantis) played Rosie, and Daniel Cudmore was Jackhammer.

Daniel Cudmore Colossus

Daniel Cudmore

Daniel Cudmore also played Colossus in X-2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

You’re Terrific

Ollie called Curtis (Mr. Terrific) terrific on this week’s episode. I’m not sure if he’ll don a costume soon, but I’m sure he will at some point.


There weren’t that many secrets in this week’s Arrow, so that’ll about do it this week. You guys are terrific.

Did you miss our Arrow “Code of Silence” review? Here’s a link. Thanks for reading.

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