Arrow Secrets: “Brotherhood”


Wolfman Biologics

Team Arrow broke into a firm named Wolfman Biologics in order to steal yet another vial of glowing greenish yellow stuff. I wrote down Wolfman as soon as I saw it on Arrow because it has to be in honor of Marv Wolfman, a prolific writer known for Teen Titans, The Adventures of Superman, and Crisis on Infinite Earths.


Lawrence Tanner

This one is so obscure it must be a coincidence. There is a Lawrence Tanner in the DC Comics Universe. He was an employee of LexCorp and was killed by Lex Luthor when he couldn’t explain who was behind the sabotage of LexCorp technology. Sound like a needle in a haystack? It gets better. This character appeared in a 1998 one-shot called Legends of the DC Universe and it wasn’t until 2011 when he showed up again in another one-shot: a 100 page DC Comics Presents special issue.


Andy Diggle

This one’s an oldie but goody. Andy Diggle has appeared in Arrow flashbacks more than once but his resurrection meant he’d play a bigger role in “Brotherhood.” Andy Diggle of the comic book writer who wrote Green Arrow: Year One, which heavily influenced the first season of Arrow. John was originally named after the writer but the showrunners thought a more direct reference was in order when giving John his backstory.

52: the answer to everything

Turns out the answer to everything isn’t 42 like Douglas Adams said, it’s 52 for the DCU. There was another News 52 microphone in front of Oliver during his press event. The address for Star City’s docks is 52. How many tablespoons of baking powder do you need for fish and chips? 52. Actually, that’s not the right number. Don’t use that much baking powder.


Lyla Michaels/Harbinger

Lyla’s another oldie but goody. She’s been in the show for a while but she has a long history in the DCU as well. Comic fans know her as Harbinger and she’s always around when a Crisis starts.

Terrific Cameras

Felicity called the new cameras Curtis invented terrific. I see what you did there.



Did the CW, owned by Warner Brothers, just make a Disney/Pixar Brave reference? Damien Darhk calls Speedy “Merida during their encounter, so I guess they did. I don’t know about you but I could see Darhk watching Disney films during his off-time.

If you missed our Arrow review for “Brotherhood,” here’s a link. Thanks for reading.

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