Arrow Secrets: “Blood Debts”



In the comics Lonni Machin (Anarky) is a villain who made Batman, Robin, and Gotham’s lives difficult during the eighties and nineties. Even though TV’s Machin didn’t wear Anarky’s stylized costume, he did mention the concept of anarchy and I wouldn’t put it past him to wear his signature robe and mask the next time he makes an appearance.


Baron Reiter

We’ve mentioned this before but Reiter is Blitzkrieg in the comics. Most likely he won’t don his costume but the CW has released that Reiter is the head of Shadowspire and this criminal organization will show up in future episodes of Arrow.



Shadowspire made its first appearance in Milestone Comic’s Shadow Cabinet #0 and they will make their first Arrow appearance on January 27th. John and Andy Diggle will battle Shadowspire in the upcoming “A.W.O.L..” This criminal organization has ties to Deathstroke, a central Arrow villain in a previous season, so there may be a chance we’ll see the Aussie.


Central City

Yeah. The doctor who conducted Felicity’s surgery hails from the same home town as The Flash. This wasn’t the first time Arrow has mentioned this Midwestern city and it won’t be the last.

Just in case you missed our Arrow “Blood Debt” review, here’s a link. Thanks for reading.

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