Arrow Review: “Canary Cry”


Jim’s Thoughts

This week brought us a fairly decent Arrow episode. Because I’ve never really cared for Laurel, the sentimentality of the episode was lost on me. The flashbacks to her and Ollie dealing with Tommy’s death in the first season didn’t serve as the trip down memory lane I think the show was going for, but Paul Blackthorne (Detective Lance) had some really strong moments as he struggled with his loss as a father.

Diggle also had a good bit of character development as he wrestled with the guilt of knowing his decision to trust his brother over Ollie played a part in Laurel’s death. It’s been a while since I’ve felt Diggle has had a well executed bit of progression, so that was nice to see, and Ramsey didn’t waste the opportunity. His performance was strong.

The storyline with impostor Canary fell flat. It came out more as a quick fix for not having a clear villain in the episode. What’s more, I didn’t buy the conflict at the heart of it, the need the group felt to protect Laurel’s legacy as Black Canary. First, Laurel hasn’t been Canary-ing for very long. I don’t see how she could have established the reputation the show presumed she had. Second, Black Canary wasn’t really her creation, remember? It was Sara’s.

As with The Flash this week, I could pick a lot more apart, but for the time being, I’ll just take this week’s installment for the slight course correction it appeared to be, and look forward to a solid finish down the road.

Kyle’s Take

“Canary Cry” was a better Arrow episode than recent weeks, but that’s not saying too much. Arrow has set the bar low these past few months. I’d say that this episode could fit with previous seasons, so that’s a good thing. I don’t care for Laurel either, but I’m not sure the flashbacks were that effective even if you liked the character. All Arrow needed was the wavy lines and a dreamy harp and it’d have a sitcom clip show. To be honest, I had forgotten Tommy existed, Arrow didn’t set him up at all, but Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne) had one of his best performances on the show in years. I thought he galvanized the cast the first couple of seasons, was forgotten like Tommy these past seasons, and this week he reminded me that he’s a talented actor.

Kudos to Ramsey and his performance as Diggle, too. He was another character who got lost in the cracks, even though his brother was at the heart of the plot, but he had some great moments this episode.

I’m not sure what was going on with the new Canary. I don’t buy any of it and agree with Jim’s logic, including Sara as the original Black Canary. How can Laurel be “The” Black Canary when she was in fewer episodes as that character? What the what? You’re not even Roger Moore’s James Bond to Sean Connery’s.

Now my next comment may not make sense if you aren’t watching Arrow and Flash as they’re being released (like if you binge watched them on Netflix in the next year or two), but the state Barry’s in right now on The Flash doesn’t jive with the scene he shared with Ollie this week. Barry doesn’t have his speed. How does he bolt off at the end of this episode? With all the breaks both shows have taken, you’d think the CW would’ve synced the two shows’ timelines.

I could rip into “Canary Cry” more but this was a watchable episode of Arrow and I’m glad. Hopefully, it’s a sign of things to come.

Thanks for reading.

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