Amazing Spider-Man: October 2014

Amazing Spidey


Jim’s Review

The story arc seemed to take a step forward with Amazing Spider-man #6. We were given, at least seemingly, a bit of closure with Electro. and we see some direct confrontation between Black Cat and Spidey. Some of the banter between Spidey and Silk feels forced here, and stretched out to take up more page space than is really warranted. That makes for some very busy looking panels, but putting Spidey into action alongside Silk is a nice change of pace from some of the more recent issues that have focused heavily on Peter and his troubles with managing his young company.

For the most part, the art work holds up. The layouts are easily digestible, but I felt during the action sequences with Electro, much of the art was washed out in blue, and the inclusion of heavy dialogue, the exchanges between Spidey and Silk forced a higher number of panels per page, and that broke up the action just a bit too much for my liking. Even so, issue #6 delivers the step forward that Amazing Spider-man has needed, and while there’s nothing particularly surprising here, it’s quite satisfying.

Verdict: Solid read