Agent Carter Review: “A Little Song and Dance”


Kyle’s Thoughts

Typically, I don’t like dream sequences but the one that kicked off “A Little Song and Dance” worked well. It didn’t slow down the narrative too much or pull us out of what was going on (that could be because this episode was the second part of a doubleheader, but I’m going to overlook that), and we received insight with Peggy. I wasn’t sold on Peggy’s love triangle with Sousa and Wilkes, and I’m still on the fence, but the little song and dance number in her dream warmed me to the possibility.

The rest of the episode had your prerequisite spy double-crosses and triple-crosses, but the misdirection kept me guessing and wasn’t forced. Character motivations collided at the episode’s end and there wasn’t a false action made by anyone. The antagonists had a shared goal but they wanted to use different means to obtain those goals, and our group of heroes also had a shared goal and they couldn’t coordinate how they’d accomplish it. This whirlwind led to a nice chain of events, and we’re left with an explosive conclusion.

Whitney’s story appears to be done and her hunger for zero matter drove the central conflict. I’m sure we’ll see the fallout from happened this episode, and perhaps we’ll even see the dissolution of the SSR and the beginning of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Or at least the organization that will become S.H.I.E.L.D.. I don’t know how Agent Carter will top “A Little Song and Dance,” and I don’t think it can or if it should even try. This season was more of a new beginning rather than an end. And “A Little Song and Dance” ended with a bang.

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