Akira Toriyama: Dragon Ball

AkiraToriyama  DragonBall

Hajime Isayama: Attack on Titan

HajimeIsayama  AttackOnTitan

Hiro Mashima: Fairy Tail

HiroMashima  FairyTail

Hiroyuki Takei: Shaman King

HiroyukiTakei  ShamanKing

Rumiko Takahashi: InuYasha

RumikoTakahashi  InuYasha

For some of you, these pictures should match some faces with their names. Let’s see how well we did.

All 5 correct) You’ve attained Super Saiyan God and defeated Freeza!

3-4 correct) Your Wind Scar was just short of taking down Naraku.

1-2 correct) You forgot to use your over soul and integrated instead. Woops. At least you can still fight.

0 correct) You lost hope and got eaten by the titans.

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