2015 Fall TV Shows

The fall shows are coming. The fall shows are coming.

We don’t have too many TV free weeks left before getting slapped in the face with some fresh programming, and if there was one thing JK Geekly kept up with on a regular basis last season, it was our coverage of our favorite geek chic shows.

We’ll break down the upcoming programming, and we may even mention some shows we’ll review, but there’s no way we can keep up with everything on this list. Can we?

TV on Sundays


Bob’s Burgers

Will we cover it? We covered Bob’s Burgers last year and there’s no way we won’t do so this season.

Claim to geekdom. Two words and a letter: H Jon Benjamin. Fine, Bob’s Burgers may not be the engine for Benjamin’s humor as Archer (Benjamin plays the straight man half the time), but the rest of the cast is stellar and it’s a fun show.

TV on Mondays


Minority Report

Will we cover it? We’ll give it a go, but it might go downhill fast.

Claim to geekdom. It’s the TV show based on the movie, which was based on a Phillip K. Dick short story. I don’t know how much story is left to tell after the events of the Minority Report movie, but I’m sure this TV show will squeeze as much juice as it can. Can I get at least 1/3 of a cup?



Will we cover it? Aren’t we contractually obligated with covering comic book TV shows?

Claim to geekdom. Supergirl is Superman’s cousin, but the DC TV universe can’t mention Superman. How does that work? We also get the second most popular female character in the DCU. Hunh? Where’s Wonder Woman?



Will we cover it? The show stars Jaimie Alexander (Lady Sif from the Marvel cinematic universe) so there’s a good chance.

Claim to geekdom. Jaimie Alexander. Also, the premise of a Jane Doe waking up with tattoos, all over her body, that may lead to a killer’s identity is kind of neat. Blindspot isn’t our usual fare, but we’ll give it a chance. Three shows on Monday? Yikes!

TV on Tuesdays


The Muppets

Will we cover it? It’s the Muppets, so yes.

Claim to geekdom. They’re the Muppets, Jim Henson’s puppet love children. The new Muppet show will target the folks who grew up with the original Muppet Show—like yours truly—but they’re changing the format with a little reality TV show twist. I’m excited. I just hope I can get over some of the wrong-sounding Muppets.


Agents of SHIELD

Will we cover it? I got caught up with the show, so probably.

Claim to geekdom. For better or for worse it’s tied to the Marvel cinematic universe. Plus, I’m interested in seeing Agent Simmons contract full-blown symbiote. That blob waiting for Simmons, carefully selecting her, before it swallowed her can’t be coincidence—neither can the timing of Spidey’s inclusion in the MCU.


The Flash

Will we cover it? Heck yeah.

Claim to geekdom. Barry Allen is the fastest man alive. He zips around Central City in his patented red and yellow jumpsuit. The TV show The Flash just happens to be one of the best comic book TV shows going. I can’t wait for season two.



Will we cover it? Its first season did enough to keep my interest, so yeah.

Claim to geekdom. iZombie is yet another CW adaptation of a DC comic—they do a good job with those. The titular character, Liv Moore, is a crime-fighting zombie who works at the local morgue. It’s an outrageous premise but the show has legs—so far.


Scream Queens

Will we cover it? Five shows on Tuesday? Are you kidding me? In all seriousness, we won’t be able to follow all of these shows, and Scream Queens is the most likely one to get axed.

Claim to geekdom. It’s the love child of Glee and American Horror Story. There’ll be a lot of familiar faces as Ryan Murphy tends to use a lot of the same actors, but something tells me that Scream Queens won’t have the same appeal as Glee, the first two years, and it can’t possibly be as dark as AHS because it’s on a major network. Still, I’ll give it a try.

TV on Wednesdays



Will we cover it? Um, yeah. It’s been grandfathered in by now.

Claim to geekdom. Arrow is the show that started the modern DC TV universe. The quality wasn’t as good last year as it was in years past, but the third season played like we might get a soft reset to the series. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but we’ll find out in September.

TV on Thursdays


Heroes Reborn

Will we cover it? Maybe. I can’t help but think of an old adage. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Claim to geekdom. The original Heroes got people excited about superhero/comic book TV shows, but it suffered from the properties of half-life: each subsequent season was half as good as the season that preceded it until everyone stopped caring.

TV on Fridays



Will we cover it? We covered it last year and we’ll do it again.

Claim to geekdom. Fairy tales are real and their denizens live among us. It’s up to Nick, a Grimm, to police these otherworldly beings. Grimm’s last season had its peaks and valleys but it ended in an interesting place. Juliette can’t be dead. Can she?

TV on Saturdays

There are no shows on day seven. I’m serious. That wasn’t just a Monty Python reference; we really don’t have any geeky shows to cover on Saturday.

Steaming TV


The Awesomes

Will we cover it? We did last year, so we will again.

Claim to geekdom. The Awesomes features the vocal talents of SNL alums and pokes fun at all those super heroes who dominate popular culture. Last season was a good one overall, and we were left with a cliffhanger.


The Man in the High Castle

Will we cover it? Oh yes. If we’re giving Minority Report a glance, we have to review The Man in the High Castle.

Claim to geekdom. It’s another adaption of a Phillip K. Dick story but it’s the one no one thought would ever happen, brought to us by the guy who made Blade Runner. This one of my most anticipated new shows this upcoming season.


Jessica Jones

Will we cover it? We will in some capacity.

Claim to geekdom. Jessica Jones is the second leg of the Netflix/Marvel Defenders saga. It’s difficult to review each individual episode but I’m watching it for sure and I can’t wait for the stories to converge. Defenders might be the Avengers for the folks suffering from Marvel cinematic universe fatigue.

TV Note

But that’s not all. You may have noticed some glaring omissions: the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, Fox’s Lucifer (based loosely off of Neil Gaiman’s character from Sandman), ABC’s Agent Carter, and Netflix’s Defenders. All of these shows premiere sometime in 2016, so we’ll have to wait a little while longer.

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