Top 5 TV: December 2014


5) Constantine
Hallelujah! Constantine has improved these last two weeks. It stays at the 5 spot this month because of a major show crossover, a great show figuring out scheduling conflicts, and a fourth show displaying a bit more character. If Constantine continues with its gray morality stories to match its protagonist, it should climb the ladder.


4) Grimm
Grimm edges out Constantine. If we didn’t include the entire month of episodes, Constantine’s last two episodes would’ve propelled it to this spot. That’s not a knock on Grimm. It’s done a solid job of tying up loose ends, while complicating the main story. We’ll have to see if Trubel’s exit breathes life into the series or takes away the breathable air.


3) Arrow
Arrow got a much needed shot of adrenaline from its Flash/Arrow crossover this month. Sure, the storylines of Ollie’s tragic past and humanity come off as overbearing and “preachy,” but that’s who Green Arrow is in the comics. Here’s hoping he continues to testify.


2) The Flash
The Flash continues to outperform most other shows – it doesn’t hurt that we had a Flash/Arrow crossover recently, too – because it has a strong foundation with its writing, acting, and some of the best visuals we’ve seen from the CW. We care about the main characters and await a few more surprises from team Flash.


1) Bob’s Burgers
Bob’s Burgers has fixed its scheduling problem. We’ve had the first full month of episodes and most of them were gems. The Belcher family packs more character into thirty minutes of air time than most shows include in a full hour.