Quiz Answers: Neil Gaiman Timeline

BlackOrchid02   Sandman02   GoodOmens02

Stardust02   AmericanGods02   Coraline02

Let’s see how we did.

All 6 correct) You asked Morpheus for everlasting life and granted it. Wait! That was a dream.

4-5 correct) Even though you read the mouse’s “Don’t go through the door” sign, you went through it anyway. Life is better in the Other World isn’t it?

2-3 correct) Did you get lost in the House on the Rock? If you’re not back in three hours, we’ll just wait longer.

0-1 correct) The end is nigh. Or is it? You know the person to your left is the antichrist. Don’t make them choose between good or evil. Challenge them to a leg wrestling match instead.