Quiz Answers: Collectible Card Games

Magic02   Spellfire02   Vampire02

Illuminati02   L5R02   Pokemon02

Pokemon may be the youngest game of the six listed here, but it isn’t that much younger than the CCG that started it all. Did you know your Squirtles from your Mox Rubies? Let’s see how we did.

All 6 correct) Take that, Ash. You are the very best/the best that ever was or will be. You caught ’em all.

4-5 correct) You missed so few of these that I smell a conspiracy. Did your internet signal pass through the Bermuda Triangle? Or did the Gnomes of Zurich have a hand in this result.

2-3 correct) Good news: you pulled a chaos orb. Bad news: you ripped your chaos orb card into a hundred pieces, threw the confetti into the air and only hit two of your opponents cards. Easy come, easy go.

0-1 correct) Your a Dragon clan tattooed monk of the highest order. Too bad you were serving a vow of solitude, living under a rock in the nineties.