Point-to-Point Movement

Games that use the point-to-point movement mechanic have spots on the game board that can be occupied by markers or figurines. These points are connected by lines, and players can only move their markers or figurines along these lines. It’s not enough that two points are near each other. The two points need to be connected by a line for a player to move from one point to the other. Friedrich is a good example of a Point-to-Point movement game.

Point-to-Point movement games differ from area movement games in that the game board isn’t broken into areas by dividing lines (Axis & Allies), and game pieces can’t move freely from one area to the next so long as they’re connected. Risk is an odd amalgam of both point-to-point and area movement. The majority of the game uses area movement (you move in and out of spaces that are adjacent to each other), but overseas movement uses point-to-point: Brazil to West Africa, Australia to Siam, Iceland to Greenland.