Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 9/17/2014

Batman/Superman: Future’s End #1



DC Comics

Pak/Richards/Herbert & Cifuentes


It’s hard to do a Batman/Superman book with Superman out of commission, but Gregory Pak manages to explore the characters largely through their relationship. It’s done from Batman’s point of view, and it succeeds more than it doesn’t.


The artwork in the piece looks sharp throughout, but as is the case with any book that uses several artists, the shift between the different styles can be jarring. As with last week’s books, I have to clarify that I’m not on board with the main Future’s End title, but as far as the tie-ins go, this is one of the better reads I’ve encountered.


Verdict: Not bad


Justice Leage: Future’s End #1



DC Comics



As much as I hate to do this, I have to climb on my soap box with this one. The reason being that this is not truly a Justice League book. It’s actually a tie-in to a Justice League United storyline, and I don’t read United. Naturally, I was lost for most of this book, and I felt a bit betrayed by DC. It may be my own fault, since I should have noticed Jeff Lemire (of Justice League United) penned this issue, but I struggled to find my footing for at least the first half of the book. There’s something to like about it. There’s an enticing team-up involved in this leg of the story, and the artwork is up to expected standards, but unless you’re following Justice League United, I can’t recommend this in good conscience.


Verdict: Skip it


The Superior Spider-man: Edge of the Spiderverse #33



Marvel Comics



Going back into the realm of the Superior Spider-man can be a bit of a shock to the senses after readjusting to the return of Peter Parker, but if you enjoyed Otto as Spidey, you get a lot of what made that run successful in this issue. As a whole, Edge of the Spiderverse has been a bit tricky for me to keep a grasp on. The story sometimes feels convoluted, but where this issue succeeds is in its demonstration of character development.


Verdict: Worth a look.


Daredevil #8



Marvel Comics



This issue begins a new leg of the story. There’s still a lot more of Matt than Daredevil in this issue, but the time is spent developing his new love interest, and it’s done well enough to hold interest. We see Matt deal somewhat with celebrity, and even get some interaction with the San Francisco Police Department. In this respect, there feels like there’s some fleshing-out of the new setting with this book, and that makes it a rewarding read. My only complaint is once we do get a little action in this issue, the layouts and artwork make it slightly difficult to follow.


Verdict: Worth a look