Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 10/15/2014

Death of Wolverine #4


Marvel Comics



Well, this is it, folks. The deed is done. Logan is dead. Talking about the conclusion to this run is tough because not much happened. There was a final confrontation, some verbal sparring, and Wolverine died. On the surface, that sounds like a knock against this book, but in truth, I think it was done as well as could have been expected. The Death of Wolverine run, judged in its entirety, really exceeded my expectations, and while #4 was a much quieter issue than I anticipated, there’s something satisfying about the way it’s done. They don’t seem to be expecting us to believe this will be permanent, or even very long-lasting. They didn’t try to shake the Marvel Universe to its core. This was more of a moment for fans of Wolverine in particular. McNiven’s art continues to impress here, and really ended up being a highlight of the run, and Soule’s storytelling delivers a conclusion that is satisfying without being sentimental.

Verdict: Excellent read


Daredevil #9


Marvel Comics



Daredevil followed up with the Purple Man story with this issue. If there’s a complaint to be made, it’s that this issue is a little light on action until the last act. Given the way the arc is progressing, that’s a little surprising, but the overall pace of the book doesn’t really suffer. One thing that Waid is doing particularly well is making the panels Matt Murdock spends out of costume remain interesting. He’s giving us a solid secondary plot here that makes the more grounded parts of the book engaging, instead of feeling like we’re being forced to eat our vegetables. Part of that is just the way Murdock is being written, but I also think it’s a testament to how well Waid is using the supporting cast.


Verdict: Solid read.


Justice League #35


DC Comics



This issue carries on with the battle of wits between Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor, but it leaves us off at the doorstep of a brand new leg of the story. The bulk of the issue is limited to Wayne and Luthor sizing each other up, and I would have really liked to see Johns keep the sparring a little more subtle, but it stops short of being obnoxious. The real payoff here is in the closing glimpse of where Justice League is headed, and I feel like this will be a great opportunity to get back to some solid, self-contained storytelling.


Verdict: Solid read