Bob’s Burgers Spoilers: Week of December 15, 2014

Tina sets Five Traps
Tina feeds each of her Thundergirl troop mates a different false address for a cookie lead. Where ever the rival troop shows up revealed the identity of the mole.

No One Listens to Bob
Bob – and sometimes Tina – may be the voice of reason but no one listens. Linda thinks she’s turning dumb because of her new blonde hair, but Bob insists that Linda hasn’t been paying attention to anything but her hair and that’s why she acts a fool. All Bob can do is sigh as Linda counts the ways of how blonde hair turns you stupider.

Enter Gretchen. She’s the one who died Linda’s hair blonde, and now she’s dyed her hair from blonde to brunette. Gretchen acts as vapid as Linda, bumping into things and not paying attention, while she’s convinced she’s smarter because of her dark hair. Bob sighs again.

Pearls of Wisdom

Response to Tina quitting Thundergirls
Louise: 13 is 40 in Thundergirl years.
Linda: But 40 is the new 38.
Gene: And 38 is rowrrrrr.

Once Tina dons her Thundergirl uniform after quitting
Louise: What? No, Tina. You just got out. Now you’re going back in. You’re like the Brett Favre of Thundergirls.

Burgers of the Day

Cajun Gracefully Burger
Blondes have more Fun-Gus Burger (comes with mushrooms)