Arrow Review: “Sins of the Father”


Jim’s Thoughts

I was pretty gratified by the amount of things that happened on this week’s episode. If nothing else, this episode did significantly change the dynamic of the series, and moves like that allow for bolder writing.

Going off what I said last week, I was really hoping the internal strife with the League of Assassins/Thea’s illness/Darhk would all coincide. Kyle seemed to feel they were going more in the direction of making Nyssa and League a subplot, similar to what was done last season with Brick, and it looks like Kyle was likely right.

Once again, I didn’t care about Felicity or her dad. That story just bounces off me, so it’d be hypocritical of me to complain that Felicity turning her dad in was a strangely fast turn, but I think it’s pretty clear there will be more to come for her and daddy Calculator.

I guess it’s hard to avoid this spoiler and still talk about the episode in full, so consider this your spoiler alert… … Still reading? Okay, good. I find the dissolution of the League of Assassins an interesting turn of events. It changes the dynamic of show, and it deprives Oliver of one of the more effective foils they’ve produces, but Nyssa’s decision was another way-too-easy turn of events. A moment ago, she was willing to die for the ring on Malcolm’s finger, then she tosses it because her heart grew three sizes that day? I didn’t buy it. I also don’t really see how her facing Malcolm was supposed to be certain death. Am I wrong, or as Nyssa proven more than a couple times she can hold her own?

The show’s big ending lacked much of a punch. Well, I should say it was a telegraphed punch. It also highlights a nasty habit this show has of doing that. Let’s face it, from the moment Barry reversed time in the crossover episode, we knew Oliver’s decision to keep withholding his son’s existence from Felicity was going to bite him. Well, guess what bill is coming due for dear Ollie?

I like that the show closes with Darhk, because, as I said, he’s been the strength of the season, and they’ve neglected him too much. Oliver’s speech, though, where he notes to Felicity that “things are quiet with Darhk,” points to something Kyle and I were discussing just today, actually. Here’s what I’m driving at: things aren’t all that quiet. Darhk made it clear he’s not done. He’s giving you a grace period. So, with that in mind, why aren’t you trying to find a way to beat him? Why are you whispering sweet nothings in Felicity’s ear when you should be looking for a way to neutralize the guy who’s proven several times he can kill you at will? Not to change the subject to videogames, but it reminds me of an RPG, where you’re tasked to save the universe, but you stop first for a side quest involving rescuing a little girl’s cat. It’s immersion breaking, and that’s where this show is at the moment.

Kyle’s Take

I like that RPG allusion. While you’re at it, a random quest giver wants three saber cat pelts. Why don’t you run along and procure those. We’ll wait.

“Sins of the Father” teased that it’d resolve the conflict between Nyssa and Malcolm. It hinted at it a few times and then the two would backstab each other and drag out the story thread. Jim had mentioned last week, off-line, that the League could help Ollie fight Darhk, and I was skeptical, citing A.R.G.U.S. and Lyla’s new role in that group as the help Team Arrow would get. But I liked Jim’s idea that they could use both A.R.G.U.S. and the League to take down H.I.V.E., and that’s why I was hopeful for a better, faster resolution. And that didn’t happen.

I had forgotten about Ollie’s son. This story thread smells like Thea’s “blood lust.” Ollie cares about his son so much that we haven’t seen him visit his son or call him since the mid-season break. Oh, and it’s real convenient that the Green Arrow would have to visit Central City during the weeks the Flash is on Earth-2. That’s right. Ollie’s son lives in Central City. It irks me that Arrow treats more than one character as a plot device instead of a full-fledged, rounded character. They missed an opportunity.

Ending with Darhk was a good choice, he’s the strength of the show, but I’m getting tired of Darhk being treated as an also-ran. He shouldn’t bring up the rear. He should be front and center, and everything Team Arrow does should be in preparation for their final showdown. Or at least we shouldn’t see so many detours.

Hopefully, things will get back on the Darhk track. Malcolm helping Darhk should add gasoline to the fire.

Do you want more Arrow? Check out our Arrow secrets page. Thanks for reading.

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