Powerless: “Wayne Dream Team”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“Wayne Dream Team” was a step up from the Powerless’s bad pilot, but the show needs to take a few more leaps of improvement for me to excited. This episode focused more on the characters. I can’t fault “Wayne or Lose” and setting up Charm City (setting), but it’s nice to see more of an emphasis on character-building, even if those characters are one-dimensional.

Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) struggles to fit in her new work place. I’m not invested in her character enough to care that she hasn’t made friends, but it makes sense that others would keep her at a distance. Ron Funches and Danny Pudi continue their buddy scientist shtick. They might be a secret handshake way from Troy and Abed (Community).

I’m not sure how Alan Tudyk (Van Wayne) factors into this workplace. Sure. He’s the owner of Wayne Defense, but he was trying to get end the company in the pilot and now he’s committed to making the company a success. Part of Van wants to be recognized as an accomplished Wayne, but a larger part of him wants to go to Gotham by any means necessary. I’m not sure how Wayne Defense’s success accomplishes Van’s main desire.

There were fleeting moments of onscreen chemistry. I liked the product Wayne Defense came up with this week: a ruble umbrella. But the main reason I like this product is that everyone in Charm City will be forced to buy one. The ruble umbrella helps those who own one. Anyone who doesn’t own one will get crushed from the ruble deflected from the ones who do own one. A charming ribbing of corporate greed.

The fantasy superhero teams were a good chuckle. In a world where superheroes are commonplace, why wouldn’t people draft fantasy superhero teams like folks draft fantasy football teams? Jim and I may have to draft our own fantasy superhero teams.

Powerless has a lot of work ahead of it. I’m not sure if it’ll warrant a second season, but it’s done enough for me to follow it another week.

Thanks for reading.

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