Sealed Marvel Dice Masters Tournament Tonight


Four more hours until Omaha’s first Marvel Dice Masters tournament at the Game Shoppe. It’ll be a sealed tournament so some dice carry more value than others and more value than they normally would.

Yes. We’re hoping for rares and super rares in our haul–the rarer the card the more likely the die will have a lower cost and better ability–but there are two common dice/card combos we should mention, especially for sealed play: Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) and Green Goblin (Goblin Lord).

MarvelDiceMasters03    MarvelDiceMasters04

As the text on his card suggests, Ghost Rider has no special effects. He just has good stats for a cheap price (2 energy), which is key during a sealed tournament. A cheaper cost means you have several options per turn. If you roll into nothing but energy, you can purchase two Ghost Riders in one turn or you could purchase a Ghost Rider and a cheap action.

The common Green Goblin costs more (3 energy) than Ghost Rider, but his ability makes up the difference. He buffs (increases the stats of) the Sidekick characters you have in play, and sidekicks don’t cost any energy. You get enough of the small fries in play, and your opponents are toast.

Of course these two dice/card combos won’t be as good when compared to a dice pool you can create ahead of tournament time: a constructed pool tournament. You’ll have a lot more great combos at your disposal. But for tonight’s sealed tournament, we’re looking for these two commons to go with our uncommons, rares, and super rares.

We’ve had a chance to play this game, and it’s a tasty blend of Quarriors! and Magic: the Gathering. But some of the powers don’t make a lot of sense for the character’s who own them. Why is Mr. Fantastic the defensive member of the Fantastic Four? Shouldn’t that be the Invisible Woman with her force fields? Why’s Wolverine throwing cars? Where are you Colossus? Still, Marvel Dice Masters is worth a look.

We’ll have a full Marvel Dice Masters review Early next month. Until then, keep rolling.

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