The Flash Secrets: January 30, 2015


The Royal Flush Gang’s plans went down the tubes

That motorcycle gang should look familiar. We’ve seen The Royal Flush Gang on Arrow, and now, they’ve made their appearance on The Flash. They used to have four members, but Ollie killed one, during a failed bank robbery. The Royal Flush Gang has appeared in DC Comics with and without superpowers for years. They got their start in the pages of Justice League of America #43 in 1966.


Wait. No Sonic Flute?

Hartley Rathaway, AKA the Pied Piper, often uses a sonic flute to commit his crimes. I don’t think you could ever make that look cool, so I’m down with the gloves. But we do know that Rathaway worked with Wells prior to the particle accelerator exploding, so he may know about Gorilla Grodd. The Pied Piper may be the link between Captain Cold and Grodd that we need. The above picture is of The Flash: Rogues cover. In its pages, we catch the Pied Piper in action with a lot of The Flash’s other villains.

Should Mason Bridge’s name sound familiar?

Iris’s Pulitzer-prize winning journalist mentor may be more than a writer. We saw Barry’s choice in reading material last week: Space Ghost. Now we get another classic DC hero, The Clipper. Well, sort of. The Clipper’s alter ego was Mason Trollbridge. I don’t know if Team Flash thought that was too hokey and changed it or if it was a happy accident. I’d go with the former.


What’s the Speed Force?

Jim mentioned it in his review, and for DC Comics fans, it’s a biggie. The Speed Force is the energy field at the far end of the universe that gives speedsters like Barry and Dr. Wells their power. We’ll see what happens.

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