Supergirl: “Medusa”


Kyle’s Thoughts

Halfway through “Medusa” I wondered if this was the week for the massive Arrowverse crossover. Most of this week’s Supergirl tied up loose ends—perhaps too well in typical CW fashion—and that was fun to watch. Supergirl continues to be the best of the CW superhero shows this year.

Cadmus eradicating aliens, Martian Manhunter turning into a white Martian, and Cyborg Superman converged and resolved in “Medusa.” I’m not sure if Cadmus will cease to be a threat now that Lillian Luthor (Lex and Lena’s mother) is behind bars. I’d hate to see her and Cadmus used as a mid-season threat and dropped. Everything I’ve said about Supergirl so far this season would lead you to believe that Cadmus won’t disappear, but I’ll give a quick spoiler to explain why we could’ve seen the last of Cadmus.

(Commence spoiler)

“Medusa” introduced a new alien race bent on finding and killing Mon-El. While this would be a great side-story, I’m not sure it can carry the second half of the season. Hopefully, we’ll see more Cadmus, Cyborg Superman, and Dr. Danvers (Alex’s dad).

(End spoiler)

The titular Medusa Project, designed by Kara’s father, gave Supergirl a way to connect with Lena Luthor (their parents are capable of mass destruction), but it did so well of a job of connecting these two that I never questioned Lena’s loyalty, despite her complicated mother-daughter relationship with Lillian. Supergirl could’ve played with this more but like most Arrowverse shows it hit warp drive.

Martian Manhunter benefited from the Medusa Project. The virus to end all aliens gave Alex’s mom the means with which to rid J’onn J’onnz of his white Martian blood. Again, this was rushed, but to be fair, J’onn turning into a white Martian was a plot device for him figuring out Miss Martian was a white Martian, so losing J’onn’s transformation to refocus on the two surviving Martians is a good trade.

I hope we haven’t seen the last of Cyborg Superman. The real Hank Henshaw makes a great foil for Kara and her team. Fortunately, I don’t think we have seen the last of him.

Supergirl toyed with Jimmy coming out as The Guardian. The show dropping it was a small mercy. I’ve been on record as saying Supergirl doesn’t need a huge team of heroes. The struggling sidekick has been done to death.

Romance has also been done to death on CW shows, but I don’t mind it as much on Supergirl. Maggie and Alex are officially together. I’m glad Supergirl continues to handle this relationship with class, but I’m also glad we’ve moved pass the will they or won’t they part of the story. The only potential hiccup with Magex—I’m not sure if they have a couple name or if I’m qualified to give them one, but I’m going with Magex—is whether their relationship will put the buddy-cop angle, which I enjoyed, in jeopardy. I’m not sure, but I’ll sit down and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

The Mon-El-Kara connection happened—sort of—and I liked the moment they shared when Mon-El was in quarantine. I was on the fence about these two getting together but I’m okay with it if Supergirl gives us more touching moments like the ones in “Medusa” before they become official. If Magex is any indication, Supergirl will develop these two as a couple, so I’m not too scared we’ll get a CW bed hopping scenario.

Oh, yeah, “Medusa” was the first leg of the Arrowverse crossover. Barry was teased in the episode, but he didn’t show up in earnest until the closing minutes. It was a fun moment. Cisco makes a quip about hoping he and Barry found the right reality or there’d be some confused people, when Kara comes home with groceries. She welcomes her old friend—or at least the friend she met last season—and shares a hug.

I’m sure the Arrowverse will thicken on the upcoming Flash, but “Medusa” was a fun episode that barely qualifies as a crossover, and that’s a breath of fresh air.

Thanks for reading.

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