Grimm Review: “Maiden Quest”


Kyle’s Review

After some back-to-back great episodes, Grimm fell flat this week. I had solved the weekly mystery for “Maiden Quest” in about eight minutes, so the big reveal didn’t surprise me, and yet the reasoning behind the murders was pretty good. I won’t go into it here and spoil things but let’s just say Grimm put the antiquated idea of a man winning a maiden’s hand into a washer and ran a quick spin cycle.

We didn’t get much outside the weekly mystery besides Nick and Adalind playing house in their fortress, Monroe and Rosalee helping the new parents, the hint of a story for Renard, and Nick returning to the force. I don’t know how or why Nick’s back on the job—I kind of liked him being on the outs with the Portland PD—but I knew he’d be back at some point this year. I just expected more of an explanation and/or fanfare. If I’m being honest, I expected Nick back in uniform by or in the mid-season break.

Regardless, we saw another thread begin during the closing minutes of “Maiden Quest,” and in order to discuss it, I’ll have to warn you with a spoiler alert. Trubel shambles into Nick’s abode. We know she’s been tortured for the past six episode, so who knows what will shake loose?

Even though “Maiden Quest” was mostly filler, it introduced some things in Grimm that should be interesting.

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