Bob’s Burgers: “Like Gene for Chocolate”


Season’s Thoughts

This is the first time in a while that Bob’s Burgers has had two consecutive episodes. I hope that it maintains this routine.

“Like Gene for Chocolate” shows some great character development in Gene. He wants to have his favorite candy (which the formula was changed) back to its original formula. Watching him present his opinion to the board of directors was fun. His speech shows how passionate he is about that candy and his willingness to see his idea through to the end.

Bob and Teddy sneaking onto a golf course at night to scour a water hazard for golf balls was funny. They probably didn’t make a lot of money off of the balls they found since most of them flew out of the buckets during their escape. This isn’t the first time that Teddy’s had a crazy idea but his seriousness about getting the golf balls made this side story.

The last highlight of “Like Gene for Chocolate” has to be Linda. Watching her go to the candy factory every day for a week to get candy made her seem like a kid. It was cute.

I like the switch up from Louise last week to Gene this week. I’m ready for a Tina episode.

Kyle’s Take

This season of Bob’s Burgers has had plenty of Tina episodes, but Tina episodes are pretty good. I’ve enjoyed watching the show explore other characters. I’ve never seen Gene so focused on a goal. The ending made sense. I won’t spoil it here, but “Like Gene for Chocolate” ended in a satisfying way.

I like Teddy. He’s the Homer Simpson type on Bob’s Burgers. Homer can be too much of a good thing, so Bob’s Burgers rationing out servings of a dimwit with half-baked plans is nice. Teddy’s also not as abrasive as Homer and that shows in this episode. Bob and Teddy delivered a lot of laughs, but I caught a sense of Homer and Bart stealing grease from fast food joints this week.

Normally, I can’t stand Linda but she also showed up just enough to pull off her kid in a candy factory punchline. At her best Linda’s child attributes shine.

I can’t wait to see who Bob’s Burgers leans on next for a few laughs. This continues to be a solid season.

Thanks for reading.

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