Bob’s Burgers: “Bye Bye Boo Boo”


Kyle’s Thoughts

I like it when Louise shows vulnerability and age, and this happens whenever there’s a Boys 4 Now episode, and “Bye Bye Boo Boo” is such an episode. I liked it well enough. I get that Louise doesn’t want to show anyone that she has crush on Boo Boo, and the episode did feature a patented, awkward Tina pearl of wisdom (don’t be afraid to show off your swampy pits), but Louise grated on my nerves.

As usual Louise takes things to extremes. She drags Gene into her Boo Boo obsession. She knows that Tina is part of a Boys 4 Now fan club and that the fan club hates Boo Boo because he broke up the band, and she doesn’t care that she causes Tina to become ostracized by her friends. Louise only thinks of herself. I’m okay when she does this and she realizes she’s done something wrong and apologizes. Typically, Bob’s Burgers works in a Louise apology, too, but they didn’t even hint at one during “Bye Bye Boo Boo.” You’re on your own, Tina.

The other half of “Bye Bye Boo Boo” featured another Bob not liking any kind of change to his restaurant. Again, I get why Bob wouldn’t want a historical plaque showcasing a gruesome murder in his greasy spoon during Prohibition, but even someone who doesn’t know anything about business should know that you could draw a crowd with such a slice of history. Jimmy Pesto takes the plaque Bob discards and uses it as a ploy to bring in business. This all tracks with what we know about the characters. It even makes sense that Bob wants his plaque back when he sees it bring in customers, but what doesn’t make complete sense is Bob letting Jimmy off the hook because Jimmy looks happy. Maybe it’s petty to not let Jimmy have his moment, but those two hate each other. Bob is a nice person, but I’m not sure he’s that nice of a person.

Still, this week’s episode had a lot of laughs. The swampy pits made me cringe in a good way, and I couldn’t stop singing “I’m tall enough to ride your heart.” That’s some killer imagery, even if Jen told me to shut up with that stupid song.

Thanks for reading.

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